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Friday, December 19, 2014


The holiday season is traditionally an occasion for family, friends and joyous times.  Unfortunately, it can also be a time of tragedy as the risk for fire increases.

Help us spread the message of safety this holiday season via social media!  If you are on Twitter or Facebook in particular, we are using the hash tag: #firesafehomeforholidays

Please share these posts with your followers to help spread the joy of holiday fire prevention.  We will also be posting related safety tips on our other sites.  Below, please find our variety of social media platforms and follow us throughout the year!

Happy Holidays to all!

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    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    Happy Hanukkah and Use Your Candles Safely!

    Happy Hanukkah to all who will be celebrating starting this evening!

    December is a time of year where candles play a major role in many religious observations.  Please take a moment to review the below presentation on candle safety in the hopes all of you, regardless of your holiday season celebration, can enjoy a fire safe home for the holidays!

    Monday, December 15, 2014

    Santa's Little Helpers

    By: Battalion Chief Mark Davis

    Firefighters from Fire Station 19 (Montgomery Hills) C-Shift helped deliver Santa Saturday to some very excited children at the Calvert Baptist Church. Many Fire Departments throughout the Country help out Santa through the holiday season by delivering him to many special places - MCFRS is no different. Some good work in the community 19 - C! 

    Wednesday, December 10, 2014

    Put A Freeze On Winter Holiday Fires

    Please take a moment to click on the below info-graphic and learn how to help prevent fires in your home this holiday season.

    As well, please also listen to the audio below (text translation in a link next to it).

    Be safe today!

    Holiday Decoration Fire Safety

      (:30 MP3) Read

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    Gaithersburg Plane Crash and House Fire

    On Monday, December 8 at approximately 10:43 AM, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue units were alerted for a house on fire due to a plane crash.  Incoming units arrived on the scene to find a plane that had crashed in the front yard of 19737 Drop Forge Lane and fire coming from the house located at 19733 Drop Forge Lane. 

    Firefighters initiated simultaneous attacks on the fire and an initial search was conducted in 19733 for reports of possible people trapped inside.  Quickly deteriorating conditions, including compromised structural integrity, necessitated almost immediate evacuation of fire and rescue personnel from the home.  Exterior fire extinguishment efforts continued.

    In addition, firefighters were simultaneously checking the downed plane and located three victims who were pronounced deceased on the scene.

    Fire investigators arrived on the scene and assisted MCPD and NTSB with the investigation.  It was determined the house at 19733 caught fire as a result of the plane crash next door.  Two other houses received structural damage only as a result of the crash. 

    After the fire was extinguished and the house was stabilized, a search resumed for the reported missing individuals in 19733.  All three were located together and removed. 

    In total there were six fatalities:

  • Three occupants of 19733 Drop Forge Lane; a 36 year old female, a 3 year old male and a 7 week old male.
  • Three occupants of a Phenom 100 EMB-500 aircraft.

  • Physical damage estimates:

  • 19733 Drop Forge Lane with damage estimate of approximately $400K 

  • 19740 Drop Forge Lane received approximately $150K in structural damage; no fire, occupants escaped without injury 

  • 19737 Drop Forge Lane (immediately next door) received approximately $50K in structural damage; no occupants were home at time 

  • Phenom 100 EMB-500 aircraft valued at $3.7M